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Ronaldo will Retain His Status as the Game's Highest-rated Player in the Wake of this News.

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It's confirmed - FIFA 18 will be available to buy on Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as Xbox One, PS4, PC and the new Nintendo Switch.

There was some doubt as to whether EA would bother with the older consoles this year. That's because the new Frostbite engine is too powerful for them to run, resulting in watered down versions of the game missing some key features such as The Journey.
Once again, the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will not match up to their PS4 and Xbox One counterparts and will not include The Journey, but they will, at least, exist.
The Nintendo Switch version of the game will not run on Frostbite either, which is a blow to FIFA fans who were hoping to finally be able to play the game at its full, comprehensive best on a Nintendo platform.
EA are insistent, however, that they have built a worthy title for the new console and have revealed that in place of Frostbite, the Switch edition has its own, custom-built engine.
A lack of Frostbite means a lack of The Journey, which is a significant omission, but the potential for Switch players to take Ultimate Team on the go and open packs wherever they can find an internet connection is intriguing.
For a deeper look into what to expect on the Switch, click here for our comprehensive guide.
You can pre-order FIFA 18 right now. It's available to buy through the official channels such as the PlayStation and Xbox stores - find the PS4 , Xbox One and PC versions at these links - and also with a few of the major retailers, with more set to follow soon.
You can also snap up the 'l The choice of FIFA 17 cover star came down to a fan vote (won by Marco Reus), but this time EA has gone straight ahead and picked one on its own - and who can blame them when it is Cristiano Ronaldo? 

egacy' versions for PS3 and Xbox 360 now for arrival on release day.
onaldo has been announced as the 'global' cover star, meaning there is a possibility a vote will still happen in each region to pick a second, more local athlete. With Ronaldo's appeal worldwide and his probable lack of enthusiasm for sharing the cover, however, we wouldn't bet on it.

We can also safely assume that Ronaldo will retain his status as the game's highest-rated player in the wake of this news.

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