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The Presence of FIFA is a Good Barometer of a Platform's Relevance

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n many ways, the presence of FIFA is a good barometer of a platform's relevance. When EA stopped launching versions of its world-beating football series on the PS Vita and 3DS in 2015, while focusing more and more attention on its Ultimate Team-based free-to-play mobile version,<a href="">fifa coins kaufen ps4</a> it spoke volumes about the declining importance of dedicated handheld consoles in a world in which mobile is king.<br>

Conversely, the fact that EA continued to launch on the PlayStation 2 until FIFA 14 says a lot about the incredible staying power of Sony's 155 million-selling console. Put simply, FIFA is a juggernaut with the power to break sales records, giving EA the right to be coldly pragmatic in deciding which platforms it's worth launching on.<br>

Nintendo Switch owners will be pleased, then, that FIFA 18 is launching on the system. Quite rightly so, as Switch is selling well so far. However, after more details emerged from E3 on the exact nature of the Switch version, it's all beginning to feel far less like an unqualified victory. There's only one real omission from FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch, but it's a major one: The Journey, the story-based mode introduced in FIFA 17, will not be included. This is due to the fact that - rather than the Frostbite engine that powers FIFA on PS4 and Xbox One - the Switch version is instead being created using a custom-built engine.<br>

Hands-on reports have also indicated that this has a knock-on effect on the game's visual quality in some areas, although to the untrained eye FIFA 18 will be the same game on Switch. GamesRadar+ Global Editor-in-Chief, Dan Dawkins, who played FIFA 18 at E3, was upbeat about the Switch version: ”Player faces are softer and more cartoonish than the PS4 and Xbox One versions, but it’s easy to recognise players at a glance. Animation looks broadly uncompromised and the overall experience is very intuitive and smooth. For example, in the subtle way players’ adjust their body weight, or shift feet to take a tricky pass. As a die-hard PES 2017 fan, who has recently bought a Switch, I could easily see myself playing FIFA 18 on Nintendo’s console. It’ll be a dream for playing with my kids, and looks great in handheld mode, too.” Aside from The Journey, all other modes will be represented – including Ultimate Team, for the first time on a Nintendo system.<br>

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